Name: David "Titanicus" Finn, Owner
From: New Ross, Ireland
Games Played: Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Warzone Resurrection, Shadow Wars
Interests: Soccer, Warhammer, Horses, Cruises, Reading, Movies
Something people don't know about me: My favorite movie is Aliens. I went to college for Equine Science and worked on a horse farm when I first moved to the U.S.

Sy Johnston.jpg

Name: Sy Johnston, Co-Owner, MTG/Card Games
Games: Magic the Gathering
Interests: Collecting old MtG cards, Descension, Star Realms, growing plants
Something people don't know: My full first name is Sypert

Name: Jon Galvin, Store Manager
From: Cincinnati OH
Games Played: Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, Warmachine & Hordes, Magic, Pokemon and Board games. 
Interests: Art, Dinosaurs, Dinosaur related art
Something people don't know about me: My last name means "Bright white"... or "Happy drunk." We haven't quite figured it out yet.


Name: Wil Blanks
From: Roswell
Games: Magic, Guild Ball, Malifaux, Force of Will, various board games, Warmachine
Interest: Animation, eating things, good memes, bad memes, PUPPIES
Something People don't know about me: what they don't know.

Name: Drew WEiRD sKeTCH Littell
From: Chicago, IL
Games Played: A smattering of everything (miniature, board, card, role playing) but Historicals.
Interests: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Something people don't know about me: I've worked for a few different Game Publishers. And I was a popular DJ in the Chicago Gothic Industrial/Fetish Scene for a few years.

Name: Rob Bristow
From: The Mysterious Frozen North of Canada
Games Played: 40k, Horus Heresy, Shadow Wars, Age of Sigmar
Interest: Stories, books, tv show, movies, D&D, video games, my kiddos.
Something people don't know: I am Canadian?

Name: Ada Park
From: Atlanta, GA
Games Played: D&D (3.X/Pathfinder/4E/5E), Shadowrun, World of Darkness, Magic the Gathering, Board Games (Arkham Horror, Star Wars Rebellion, Lords of Waterdeep, Civilization, Twilight Imperium 3, etc)
Interests: Games, video games, anime, music, memes
Something people don't know about me: Why Ghandi is so Nuke-Happy in the Civilization computer games? (it's because of integer underflow)

Name: Mark Schuepbach
From: Rome, Georgia
Games played: Age of Sigmar, Warmachine/Hordes, 40k, Malifaux, Infinity, Saga, Runewars, Magic, Destiny, and DnD.
Interests: Cosplay, Board games, Sleeping in on rainy days.
Something people don't know about me: I have terrible luck with games of chance. Card flips, dice rolls, or RNG in hearthstone. I'm bilingual, grew up speaking German with my parents.

Name: Keeton "Sweet Keets" Alford
Games: I've played everything at least once
Interests: Slingin Cardboard and doing Bad Boy Things. Telling people that their favorite thing is terrible. 
Something People Don't Know: I've seen the Movie Amadeus twenty six times

Matheus 1 web.jpg

NameMatheus Kennis
Games: Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon
Interests: TCG's, Video Games, Board Games, Making Money, Cartoons, Keeping Busy
Something People Don't Know: I dunno man, don't have many secrets.


Name: Eric Bacher
Cards: Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon TCG, Force of Will
Table top: Warmachine/Hordes, 40k, Dust, Heroclix, Dice Masters, X-Wing
Role playing: DnD, Pathfinder, Iron Kingdoms, Shadowrun
Box games: too many to list
Interests include: casual gaming, food wizardry, sleeping outside, and general Macgyvering.
Something people don't know: my first board game was RISK. I learned Roman numerals and how to roll dice playing with my dad.

Giga Prod 1.jpg

Name: Matthew Hemerlein
Games: Warhammer 40k
Interests: Writing and painting miniatures
Something People Don't Know: I’m a huge transformers G1 fan


Name: Dalton Appling
Games: Magic the Gathering
Interests: Bodybuilding/Powerlifting.
Something People Don't Know: I once got the Dark Souls all bosses speedrun world record.


Name: Ryan Pruitt
Games: Force of Will, Magic the Gathering, Attempting various miniature games
Interests: Anything with Final and Fantasy in the name, bad movies, but not the Final Fantasy movie. Spirits Within was a mistake.
Something people don't know: I once ate half my weight in raw fish.


Name: Stephanie Morgan
Games: Dungeons & Dragons
Interests: Star Wars & Nachos
Something people don't know:My photo is in the movie The Blind Side and some projects I did are hanging in the science room in the movie as well (was lucky enough to get life advice from Sandra Bullock too).


Name: Thomas Lau
Games: D&D, Warhammer 40,000, and assorted board games
Interests: Painting, Reading
Something people don't know: then it wouldn't be a secret.

Joseph Headshot For Facebook.jpg

Name: Joseph Collins
Games: Board Games, Learning 40k!
Interests: Learning, Philosophy, Hiking, Sports
Something people don't know about me: I've had over 9 sets of stitches!

Nathan Green.jpg

Name: Nathan Green
Games played: Magic: The Gathering, Force of Will, Legend of the 5 rings, Final Fantasy TCG, Pokemon Tcg
Also many many video games old and new.
Interests: lots of Different TCG/LCG. Video games. Chemistry. Classic Literature.
Something People Don't Know: I had lunch with a couple Noble Prize winners who were also Knighted. I know intro level Manadrin Chinese and have a Degree in biochemistry.


Name: Landon Doeckel
Games: 40k, Sigmar, and various boardgames. 
Interests: Ballroom & swing dancing, as well as termination.

Name: Morgan Dyson
From: Dallas, Ga
Games Played: Warhammer 40k, X-Wing, Malifaux, and Exploding Kittens.
Interest: Marks kitchen creations, West Coast Swing, and Kittens.
Something people don't know about me: If I told you... Then you would know.