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Jim Beverly

Jim Beverly was born in Akron, OH, where he enlisted in the US Army at age 18, serving nearly 15 years as both an artilleryman and a pharmacy technician. Gaming has been an important part of his life since childhood, from playing at his first table in high school, to bringing books and dice to warzones to share his passion with his comrades and tell compelling stories with his friends. He brings that experience and love for storytelling to Giga-Bites as one of our store GMs, running various one-shot adventures on weekends under a variety of systems and games.

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Phillip Collar

Phillip Collar started tabletops in the deep end, starting his rpg career as a GM running a two player game for friends in high school. But even before that Phillip has been a passionate lover of fantasy and sci-fi; putting crayoned dragons on his grandmother fridge since he was 5. Now a 10 year veteran of Giga-Bites, Phillip breathes life and wonder into the games he runs, telling tales of magic and adventure.