Giga-Advantage 1:
Gift Wrapping!

When you shop for the holidays at Giga-Bites you get to take your presents home already wrapped! Save the hassle of spending hours trying to perfectly wrap presents and let us wrap for you! We have plenty of wrapping material and beautiful bows to choose from. All you have to do is sign!

Giga-Advantage 2: Giga-Gift List!

You can easily create a shopping list for your friends and family to buy from at the store. If it is an item that is out of stock, we can order it conveniently and in secret, so that experience a special surprise Giga-mas!
This list also prevents double gifting! When someone buys an item on your list, we'll make sure no one else gets that for you. Winning!
Not only can you easily create a list, but your friends and family can put credit onto your account! Just in case you want to go on a shopping spree and want to wait for a hot post-Christmas release!

Giga-Advantage 3: Easy Returns, Exchanges!

Did you buy your friend a great board game from Giga-Bites, but they already got it from someone else? We've got you covered with an easy return. Just make sure to check your e-mail for your receipt and we'll sort it out in no time!