The best way to get connected into the hobby of tabletop gaming is to get involved! With this Guide, you will get connected to our community and get started playing your first games!

STEP 1. Like our Page!

STEP 2.  Find a game you're interested in!

Click one of the icons below to watch a video on that game and a step-by-step guide to how to get started with it!

STEP 3. Find a Group!

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for a list of all gaming groups at Giga-Bites Café!
We have Facebook groups to organize events, gaming together, and for beginners to learn!

STEP 4. Connect with our experts!
Giga-Bites Café is staffed by experts in a variety of games, and we can help you out when you need us. Call the store or message us on Facebook for answers to your questions!

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