Jon Caspian Prepares for 40K

Mini 1.png


As soon as 8th Edition was announced I was PUMPED. I've never played 40k Tabletop, but I've loved the IP since I first played Dawn of War back in 2004. The intro sequence was everything right with the world. Now is the PERFECT time to jump in with both feet. This series of blogs will serve as my journey from total 40k newbie to (hopefully) competent player.


My first decision is which army to start collecting. My favorites are Chaos, Orks, and Dark Eldar. I asked several people for advice and I got some interesting feedback. I ultimately had two choices:
1. Buy now and figure out the rules later.
2. Wait for the rules to see how the factions play before purchasing.

For a lot of new or returning players, This will be a huge decision. Do I get my favorite units now and hope for the best when the rules come out or wait until release and try and play catch up with all the players who are already playing?
The answer to this will depend on your personality and playstyle. If you like to Min/Max (perfectly optimize your army utilizing every loophole and advantageous rule you can find) then it might be best to wait it out.
If you're like me, and most of your hobby time is spent painting, you can safely figure it out later and still have fun.


Dark Eldar Brown.jpg

I boiled my choices down to Orks and Dark Eldar based on the Start Collecting boxes and the feel of the current factions playstyles. I chose Dark Eldar.
I had Mark piece it together (many thanks for sparing me the agony) and I chose to do a Desert / Brown color scheme. I'm no expert painter and I haven't done a brown scheme before. If you have suggestions send them to me!


Next time I will go over my paint scheme and you can help me out with some painting tips.