Make that 8 Warlords at Giga-Bites!

By Mark Schuepbach

One can not speak the name warlord with out truly paying homage to the originals. That’s right! The tried and true Slaves to Darkness are back once again and with a vengeance. It was once described to me by a good friend that the Warriors of Chaos are the Globo Gym to everyone else’s Average Joes (Dodge Ball movie reference for those who haven’t seen it). The moto Globo Gym used was “We’re better than you, and we know it!”. Though Age of Sigmar has seen the rise of the individual armies of their respective chaos gods it’s time to worship them as they were meant to be worshiped... as a pantheon!

As with most things involving the powers of Chaos an offering or sacrifice most be made to appease the gods. The massive amount of spikes protruding from every... single... model.... made sure the blood offering was made with the first slip of the finger. So a quick super glue band-aid and we were back in business. Though the models are older their craftsmanship is a hallmark Games Workshop diligence to the trade. With the ability to mix and match almost each aspect of each model I was able to make each model unique and amazing.

Naturally I started with my knight units command. From there I began to really psyche myself up for the coming battles! As a former Empire player from Warhammer Fantasy I was always accustomed to having short end of the stick in a one on one fight, heck, even 3 on one would probably still leave me lacking. The tables have finally turned and now the chaos gods are on my side and I gotta say... it feels good to be bad for once. Here’s a close up of the 3 guys chosen to lead the unit.

Mark Post 1 Image 3.jpg

Some might be wondering, how does one doot a horn with a helmet on. I’ve come the conclusion the horn is demonic and doots itself. Lets single out the leader real quick while we’re here.

It keeps getting better with these guys too. It seems the only way to beat a guy on a horse is to double down on the horse... so we did. I introduce to you (drum roll please). DOUBLE HORSE!

Mark Post 1 Image 5.jpg

Built for smashing the front lines and crushing what resistance remains the double hor.. sorry Chaos War Chariot is going to be a staple on the battlefield for me. Another beautiful model ready to route any cowards who would try to flee their wrath.

Sorry guys I think we jumped the shark with double horse so I’ll try to hype up this guy as well. Though horseless the Chaos sorcerer will be an important piece in keeping your other units on the table. So in a way he helps keep the horses around which sorta makes up for his foot slogging ways. Prepare to see a horde of chaos knights imbued even further with the dark energy of theirs gods..

I hope everyone is ready to know true despair on the fields of glory because if there’s one thing each chaos god can agree to it’s that winning feels good and that’s what I plan to do. Let me know what ideas you guys might have for a color scheme. I’m trying to avoid looking like I would lean towards a specific god so avoiding the greens, purples/pinks, reds, and blues. Hope you guys get hyped a long with me.