Age of Sigmar: Khorne Daemons!

Day 1: 9/21/18 by Rob Bristow

So David has gathered 7 of us together to build, paint and play a new AoS army. From the start I was excited to take part as I really enjoy the building, modifying, converting and painting process. Beyond that I have been looking for a way to get into AoS for a little while now, so this is the perfect opportunity! David rolled randomly for all involved and I received Khorne Daemons! I had my eye on a few armies when we started talking about this, and thankfully I ended up randomly getting one of the armies I was keen on!

Rob post 1 image 1.jpg

Once I heard that this was to be my army, I started looking more into it and I hit my first snag...I am a huge fan of “most” of their sculpting...I am not a fan of the blood letters heads=( It is hard to nail down why, but a mix of the tongue, and their size...It just doesn’t do it for me. So I have started on what I am considering Plan A! Making them with the Bloodletter Skulls from the GW skull box, rather then the heads they come with... We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out. Last thought of tonight, paint scheme. I know they are portrayed usually in Bright Red (with red highlights, red shadows, and red edging!) but...I dunno, I am thinking of taking them a different way. Here are my current thoughts on colors for them:

Rob post 1 image 2.jpg

A more bone white directions, with burns on their legs (likely lava bases?) though I would change the head to the skull (maybe a brass/bronze coloration there?) and the yellow areas as maybe more lava/fire/burning? As well continue the red blood stains onto the hands.

Rob post 1 image 3.jpg

This cause...just wow the two on the outside are impressive...I am not sure of the process here though, likely a red base, then drybrush on oranges, yellows and whites? It looks super cool though so it is a contender.

Rob post 1 image 4.jpg

Or the darker variant, maybe with more blacks.... Thoughts? (please post pics if you have them of some of your favorite color schemes!) So I am going to try to find the time this weekend to do and Opening and maybe even a Start Building post, but those may not come till next side there is that it’ll give me more time to consider colors/conversions/ideas...